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We do not service Tesla or electric vehicles. If you have any questions please contact us.

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If you are going to purchase a used vehicle or just want to have yours checked out, Auto Tech To Go can travel to your location and perform a Vehicle Health Check. No need to drive to a repair shop. We come to you!

Purchase a used vehicle with confidence.

The only way to verify the safety and health of a vehicle is with a vehicle health check. Purchase a used vehicle with confidence. Don’t let the used car lot cover up any possible issues. We will scan the vehicle for fault codes and check the readiness monitors using an enhanced scan tool and provide the customer with an emailed copy. The vehicle will also be driven, inspected for damage, and have any available fluids checked.

Sell a used vehicle with confidence.

When selling your car, you want to make sure you aren’t selling a vehicle that is about to have major repairs or safety issues.  Providing a vehicle health check will improve your chance of a sale and put you as the seller and the buyer at ease.

Performing a vehicle health check

A vehicle health check provides access to full vehicle scan data, DTC codes, and readiness monitors. We will also thoroughly inspect the vehicle which will give us all the information on the mechanical condition and possible future repairs. This will arm you with accurate data to learn about the health condition of any vehicle.

More Information quickly

Our full vehicle health check delivers a comprehensive and accurate full system scan of the computer systems in today’s vehicles to ensure their functionality. A vehicle health check quickly identifies all DTCs for any vehicle scanned with related information on code descriptions that are present. We provide customers with a better experience by providing a report they can easily understand that shows the health of their vehicle and the quality of the repair work previously completed on the vehicle. The information provided by Auto tech To Go will be detailed and accurate.

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