Drivability and Performance Diagnostics

drivability and performance diagnostics

Improve your drivability and performance with Auto Tech To Go

We do not service Tesla or electric vehicles. If you have any questions please contact us.

drivability and performance diagnostics from auto tech to go

Auto diagnostic testing is a quick and easy way to solve many drivability and performance daily related issues.

Drivability issues can hinder the performance of your vehicle and can often be difficult to diagnose. Is your vehicle experiencing a drivability or performance related issue? Auto Tech To Go in Central New Jersey can diagnose drivability problems and quickly provide a repair solution.

Don’t let performance issues get in the way of your daily schedule.

Make an appointment with Auto Tech To Go for diagnostic testing. Let us come to you to solve your vehicle’s performance issue. That’s right, we come to you! We will get to the core of the problem while explaining the details needed for repair. Schedule an appointment and expect great service and a reliable diagnosis to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

What kind of drivability issues could I encounter?

Some of the more common drivability issues include misfires, stalling, shaking, poor gas mileage, lack of power, etc. These problems can make the driver feel uncomfortable and run the risk of damaging other vehicle components. If you think your vehicle is experiencing a drivability issue then have our certified specialists diagnose the problem for you today.

We will provide exceptional service and give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in good hands. 

Keeping Diagnostic Scan tools and equipment current is key.

Having a diagnostic scan tool will usually be the first tool to diagnose a drivability or performance issue. Scanning fault codes and monitoring scan data will give the technician a direction from where to go next. The majority of car manufactures don’t specify how to interpret scan data correctly, so this is where experience and the right tooling is important.

Some of the more important equipment we use that can provide accuracy are oscilloscopes. Oscilloscopes will take voltage, current, and pressure measurements and display them on a laptop. They are also swift!

Did you know you can locate and identify a cylinder misfire by monitoring exhaust pressure pulses? These tests will give us the advantage of solving drivability problems that no one else can solve without having to guess.

Most repair shops do not invest in expensive equipment like this or do not have the knowledge to use them. This is where Auto Tech To Go can help.

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