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Mobile Vehicle diagnostics

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Expert diagnostics are so important when determining the exact issue with your car. At Auto Tech To Go we have the experience and technology to perform a proper diagnostics test. Our mobile services include tests right on-site which can save you from the hassle of bringing your car to the repair shop. Our goal is to save you time and money and give you peace of mind that we will properly diagnose your car troubles. We will give you the best and most accurate diagnostics.

Modern vehicles have multiple electronic control modules (ECM) that monitor your vehicle’s electrical system. ECMs can contain over one hundred circuits that are connected to various parts of the vehicle. These circuits will monitor or control actuators, sensors, and other devices so your vehicle will function properly.

When an ECM has failed or detected a fault, a warning light or message is often displayed at the instrument cluster. In some cases, the vehicle will not start or a total loss of function can occur.

Our ASE-certified mobile technicians have the technical skill needed to accurately assess the conditions of your ECM and pinpoint the problem areas in your car. If your vehicle has a warning light or is experiencing an electrical problem, give us a call and we will diagnose the problem.

No Guesswork

Having certified experience allows our Auto Tech To Go technicians to be highly accurate in diagnosing problems with your vehicle. There is no guesswork involved when providing this diagnosis.

This is not the same with your local auto mechanic with less experience, they are likely not accustomed to troubleshooting vehicles on a daily basis which can lead to a bit of guesswork in terms of providing the diagnosis of your vehicle, and that is why you see people bringing vehicles back for the same issue or dissatisfied with the service they receive.

Diagnostic testing is complex and requires expensive equipment with a full understanding of the vehicle’s system. A simple tune-up and overhaul of a carburetor is now a thing of the past.

A solid diagnostic test that is run by a certified professional, will generate a series of results to direct the technician towards the work that needs to be performed. Our tools are prepared to diagnose any vehicle no matter how new or old it is.

What are Fault Codes?

Fault codes can be a brief or detailed description of the specific problem area of your vehicle. An enhanced scan tool is usually used to communicate with the vehicle. Once communication is granted, fault codes can be retrieved allowing the technician to plan the next step in the diagnostic process. If no fault codes are stored in the ECM but the vehicle still exhibits symptoms, then a logical and well thought diagnostic process must be taken.

Car manufacturers will utilize a variety of fault codes depending on the year, make and model. As the complexity of vehicle systems increases, so does the need for factory service information.

How Long Do Mobile Automotive Diagnostics Take?

We will provide automotive diagnostics as fast and efficiently as possible. Our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose a vehicle in as little as fifteen minutes but may take longer with a more complex issue. Once an appointment is made, we will collect vehicle information and symptoms for our technicians to gather all information necessary. This will prepare our technicians and allow faster diagnostics to save the customer time and money.

How Accurate are Diagnostics?

Diagnostic testing gives the technician the best solution for fixing your car’s electrical problems. It gives the technician confidence in making a decision that will lead to a satisfied customer. The first step may be to retrieve fault codes with an advanced scan tool from the OBD2 connector.

The fault codes may describe what area or component that is affected, but many people assume it gives an answer on what parts to replace, this is not true.

Fault codes will simply provide direction for the next diagnostic step in determining the issue with your car. This is very important to know and what some mechanics fail to realize.

Our Mobile Vehicle Diagnostic Services Include:

  • Retrieval and interpretation of engine trouble codes
  • Visual inspection of related components with a systems analysis
  • Component diagnosis
  • Customer Consultation that includes an explanation of the problem

No matter what make or model you own, Auto Tech To Go offers a full set of vehicle diagnostics helping you make an educated decision that will put you and your passengers back on the road safely and confidently.

The right tools matter for Mobile Automotive Diagnostics

The sophisticated automotive computer systems affect critical functions like brakes, steering, and sensors. It is essential to use the right diagnostic tools, and the latest automotive diagnostic computers and software to properly identify the issues with your car or truck.

Auto Tech To Go is staying ahead of technology with tools and training. The majority of our tools and equipment are specialized for the vehicle’s electrical system.

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