Engine Diagnostic Services

Auto Tech to go can quickly diagnost engine problems

We do not service Tesla or electric vehicles. If you have any questions please contact us.

engine diagnostic services

Make an auto diagnostic test a part of your engine maintenance routine.

Most car owners think of maintenance as oil changes, tires and servicing fluids. There’s no doubt that these services are valuable, but what about car diagnostic testing? Keeping your engine running properly should be a top priority. A well-maintained car is more fuel efficient, produces fewer emissions, is more reliable, and safer for the road.

Do not let car problems go unnoticed – Schedule an appointment with Auto Tech To Go.

Many central New Jersey car issues can go unnoticed or are difficult for even a certified technician to find without the help of the right equipment. Making this test part of your engine maintenance at Auto Tech To Go can help prevent further issues from occurring. And best of all, we come to you!

Why are engine diagnostic services important?

Engine Diagnostics will allow technicians to inspect the engine and analyze vehicle performance based on symptoms. A car’s condition, history, and even age are something we take into account before performing engine diagnostics. This information will assist us in giving the customer the best possible solution for future repair once the vehicle is finished.

Having an experienced and ASE-certified technician will give the best chance of performing diagnostics. We will recommend any future repairs that can help to avoid recurring and technical problems. This can save you time and money! 

Our Engine Diagnostic Services

We use state of the art scan tools and equipment to perform our engine diagnostic services. In some cases, we will even use factory scan tool software to assist us. Our technicians constantly go through automotive training and are more than capable of following factory flow charts.

Interpreting scan tools and freeze frame data may be the extra boost we need to diagnose your car or truck correctly. Manufacturers have come a long way with technology and can be a real pain to understand. Auto Tech To Go specializes in diagnostics and will get your vehicle fixed or bring a solution from where to go next.

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